Cold Sheeping Continued – Socks from Handspun

Over a week ago, I finished the handspun socks dyed with butternuts (S-06 Socks).  I just needed to weave in the ends before I photographed them.  For some reason, finished socks can languish for days or weeks on a shelf in my bedroom, just  waiting to have their ends woven in.

Well, I finally wove in the ends and the are officially done!  Now that it’s spring, I think they may be a little to heavy to wear.  At least they will be ready for next fall.

For those who want particulars, here goes…

S-06 Socks - Cold sheeping continued.

S-06 Socks. Handspun East Friesian wool, dyed with butternuts.

I used about 222 yards of handspun East Friesian wool.  The wool was skein dyed to minimize any possibility of felting.  The yarn is a worsted weight.  I used size US 3 (3.25mm) needles.

The socks were knitted from the toe up, using a pattern I developed around 1998 or so.  The stitch pattern is a K1P1 rib.  I always like how it looks.  There is something elegant about a K1P1 rib.  It’s a little tedious to do, but the result is worth it.

I started with 289 yards of wool, and have about 67 yards left.  At least I used most of it, and will put the remainder to good use later.  Just for the record, this yarn was spun and dyed in 2002.  I guess you could say it is well-aged and has ripened nicely.

Barbara.  sheep-icon-04




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