TGV Scarf – Ribbing Started

I finally finished the garter section of the TGV shawl, finished the increase row, and started the ribbing section.  I worked 8″ of garter stitch which was actually the halfway point of the yarn I am using.  That was just a fluke because I had planned on working 8″ of garter stitch anyway.

Now for the increase row.  I had to redo it after I thought I was done with the increase round.  It turned out that I had significant sections where I did not do any increases.  So frogging (ripping out:  rip it, rip it) the increase round was a must.

Okay, so when I finished redoing the increase row, there were 564 stitches that will become ribbing.  ACK!  If you think it sounds like a lot, it is. At this point, working the K2P2 ribbing section will be much slower going.

Sc-01 increase row

Sc-01 TGV scarf increase row. The rectangle highlights a portion of the Knit in the front & back of each stitch increase that used. 3-26-17.

One of the nice things about using the specified increase results in an increase round that is almost invisible.  It also looks the same on each side.  If you look at the area highlighted by the purple rectangle, you will see that the increases are almost invisible.

I worked the first five rows of K2P2 rib, increasing one stitch per row.  By the time I finished the fifth row, I was done for the night.  The orange marker shows where I finished for the day.

Sc-01 TGV scarf. 3-26-17.

Sc-01 TGV scarf. 3-26-17.

I have finished of total of nine rows of K2P2 ribbing so far.  I figure I will complete a total of about 24 rows of K2P2 ribbing when I am ready to bind off.  That’s an estimation based on the three other TGV scarves I have already finished using the same weight yarn.

I just enjoy working on this scarf, especially in sock yarn.  You get a lot of knitting for one 100g ball of yarn.  It’s also very easy and is very good as a travelling knitting project.  I recommend it to anyone who wants an easy to work, almost mindless knitting that results in a stunning scarf.



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