The TGV Scarf Continues

I am still working on the TGV scarf but have not had time the last few days to update my progress.  I hate it when real life gets in the way of my knitting.  Progress has been moving along, although as I get more rows finished, it takes longer to finish a row.

7.5" of Sc-01 scarf completed.

7.5″ of Sc-01 TGV scarf completed as of 3-23-17

Anyway, I had finally worked 7.5″ worth of garter stitch when I noticed I had dropped a stitch a number of rows back.

Looking at where the dropped stitch was and how many rows I would have to work through to fix it, I had two choices for fixing the dropped stitch.  I could rip back to the dropped stitch, pick it up and then reknit the rows.  Alternatively, I could just work the stitch up the finished rows.  I decided on the latter option.

Sc-01 Dropped Stitch 170323-wp

Sc-01 scarf.  Green plastic marker holds the woe-begone dropped stitch.  3-23-17

One word of warning…. Do not try to fix your knitting when you are tired and really should be going to sleep.  I started working the stitch back in, using my trusty crochet hook, then realized I was too tired to continue.  I had made a few bizarre mistakes.  I ended up taking out the fix and redoing it the next day.


I finally fixed the woe-begone stitch.  Once the scarf is blocked, any indication that the stitch was picked up and fixed, or even where it was.

Sc-01 Dropped Stitch Fixed 170324-wp

Sc-01 scarf.  Dropped stitch fixed.  The ellipse shows where the stitch was.


I have only 6 rows to go before I increase for the ribbed portion.

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