Winter Snowstorm of March 14,2017 – Update

WooHoo!  It’s finally over.  According to the National Weather Service (NSW), Binghamton, NY received 31″ (78.7 cm) of snow.  That is a lot.  Fortunately, not that much fell at my house.  The final tally is 23″ (58.4 cm).  Why the discrepancy, you ask?  First, the NSW is at the Broome County Airport, which is on top of one of the highest points in the county.  Second, I do not live anywhere the airport.  In fact, I live at the diagonally opposite end of the county.  It’s all location, location, location.

Snowstrom 170314. 23

Snowfall:  23″ as measured on the trunk of my car.

So, here are the results.  23″ (58.4 cm) of snow landed at my house.  I couldn’t use my gas grill to measure the amount of snow because the wind started blowing and blew off that wonderful cone of snow that was growing.  I had to measure the snow depth on the trunk of my car.  The car was not visible this morning.  It was just a mound of white.  It took a while to excavate my car, but I finally found it under that mound of snow.

The barn was totally surrounded by a nice drift that wasn’t there yesterday.

Snowstorm 170314.  The barn.

The barn adrift in snow.

My bird feeder was more like an igloo than the all seed bird buffet.

All seed bird buffet.

All seed bird buffet.

Squirrel …oops… bird feeder in summer.

Last photo in the series will also provide a good perspective of the amount of snow that fell.  The bridge is a small footbridge that is over a ditch that diverts water from the hill above.

Snow buried bridge.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my record of the Blizzard of 2017.


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